Buxus (2013) filmstill

Video: 00:49 minutes loop

Camera: Shani van Neck, Jeroen van ‘t Hullenaar

Thanks to:  Bertens Planten

Busstop (2013) filmstill

Video: 15:42 minutes loop

Camera: Patrice Winfield

People: Dirk Gelderman, Yvette Jacobs, Marja Sterck, John Schobben, Yvonne Gelderman, Daan Meijsen, Sacha Brakel

When I was 10 years old I moved to a Vinex area in the suburbs of Den Bosch. I noticed that there was a perfectly cut Buxus hedge in every frontyard. There was nothing written about the intention of the frontyards, everyone just had one of those. In the same neighborhood was one specific busstop where the people waiting for the bus were standing extemely far apart, much further that at all other busstops I know, and every day again. When I decided to make a video about this busstop, I chose to reenact the situation. By asking people to stand exactly 5 meters apart in a line, the articial and uncanny feeling of the situation becomes visible.

Graduation Show, Sint Joost, 2013