Graduation Show, Sandberg Institute, 2015 - Photo by Sander van Wettum

The world is ordered in a certain way and there are certain agreements about how people should behave. I watch my everyday environment and experience it as artificial. Composition and choreography give the impression that reality is directed. In the movie ‘Playlet’ I took on the role of director and constructed a new script based on everyday actions. The sidewalk is the stage and the random pedestrians are actors that play random pedestrians. The repetition of acts change everyday behaviour and routine into a theatre play.

Video: 04:08 minutes loop

Camera: Thijs van Gasteren

People: Martha Kamminga, Henk Schalkwijk, Dirk Gelderman, Daan Meijsen, Eva Hoonhout

Music: Simeon ten Holt – Canto Ostinato Section 1 (In the first version of the movie)

Music: Guus van den Heuvel (In the new version of the movie)

Playlet (2015) filmstill